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Remote Access Management

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Secure your infrastructure while empowering your workforce. The Secure Mobile Access (SMA) series offers complete security for remote access to corporate resources hosted on-prem, in cloud and in hybrid datacenters. Deliver best-in-class secure access and minimize surface threats. SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) is a unified secure access gateway that enables organizations to provide access to any application, anytime, from anywhere and any devices, including managed and unmanaged. SMA offers granular access control, context-aware device authorization, application-level VPN and complete integration with the most advanced authentications. SMA enables organizations to move to the cloud and embrace BYOD with ease. Remote Access Products: - SMA 100 Series for small and medium businesses (50-100 employees) - SMA 1000 Series für large distributed enterprises of up to thousands of employees Verify Authorized Users - Grant access only to trusted devices and authorized users - Empower your workforce with mobility and BYOD - Deliver seamless secure access experience with always-on connection - Check integrity and health profile of the connecting device Prevent Threats and Minimize Attack Surface - Improve your security posture and reduce the surface area for threats - Enforce granular access control policies - Get high-performance layer-3 SSL VPN - Deliver browser-based clientless secure access - Provide flexible proxy options with authentication and SSL offloading Simplified Deployment for Secure Hybrid IT Access - Choose between hardened physical appliances or virtual appliances - Deploy in private cloud or public cloud environments - Provide secure access to data center, cloud and SaaS resources from a single portal - Reduce complexity in access management for hybrid IT environments
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