Swissintell has been around for over ten years, and we’ve come a long way. As of 2019, this is who we are, what we do, and what we stand for.

Who we are

Board members :   


ASVIE leadership team:      

Advisory board members:      

  • Miki Valoyan – former President (2016 – 2018)      
  • Jens Thieme – former President (2015 – 2016)      
  • Marcel Brussee – former President (2012 – 2015)      
  • Kurt Kobel – founding member and former President (2006 – 2012)

Head of Strategy, Communication and Secretariat:      

What we do

Swissintell is a nonprofit organization (which operates under art. 60 ff of the Swiss Civil Code) which was created in 2006 under the name Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association (SCIA). In 2016, for our 10 years anniversary, we updated our bylaws and changed our name to SWISSINTELL, which is the umbrella brand for:      

Our goal is to connect all information professionals in Switzerland and provide a single entry-point for the Swiss Intelligence community. Since 2006, we have organised over 50 networking events in Zurich and Geneva. Today, we have over 350 members and a few sponsors supporting the implementation of our strategy, based on the 2014 thesis by Benjamin Calmant.

We also want to position ourselves as a Swiss research centre on intelligence topics, like our colleagues from the Cf2R in France. 

Market specificities
Audit, consulting, operation, trainingData securityIntelligence and information gathering

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